Digital Humanties

Cooperation with the DHC

Please note the following best practice guidelines for a cooperation with the DHC, which are very important to allow the DHC to support your project as best as possible:

  • Involve the DHC at an early project stage (at best 6 months but at least 4 months before submitting the project application) to allow for proper preparation and planning. Otherwise, the DHC cannot guarantee to examine and process your inquiry.
  • Provide us with basic information on the project to allow for a quick match between the requested resources and those currently available. Based on this information and the consultations held with you, the DHC will assess if and to which extent your project may be supported.
  • Plan for sufficient time to elaborate on the project details. Depending on your preliminary work, this could include the following:
    • Definition of project goals, technical (minimal) requirements and priorities
    • Creation of prototypes / sketches / wireframes to make the vision of the desired solution tangible for everyone involved in the project
    • Carrying out market analyses on similar projects and relevant software tools
    • Exact description of the services to be provided by the DHC in the project application and coordination with the project team
  • Please note that the DHC has to work out the desired solutions as part of the project – especially in the case of individual developments or standard software with a high need for customization. This has to be taken into account in the project’s time schedule.
  • Nominate a person from the project team as a Product Owner, who…
    • knows the desired outcome and the goals of the project
    • is ideally digitally literate
    • defines the requirements and the priorities of the desired software solution
    • makes all the decisions about the expected solution
    • is responsible for the acceptance of features and the coordination of testing
    • acts as a mediator between the DHC and the project team and is continuously available for the DHC

Basic project information

Please prepare the following basic project information when requesting project support from the DHC:

  • Project name
  • Project goals
  • Project funding
  • Persons involved and their roles (e.g. Product Owner)
  • Planned project start (or project schedule, if possible)
  • Planned project duration
  • Brief description of the service(es) to be provided by the DHC. How should the DHC contribute to your project?
  • Designation of those work packages involving the DHC
  • Brief description of the materials / assets to be used within the project (incl. their quantities, if possible). If you already have data / material which  you wish to use in the project, please send us examples covering all media types and file formats.