Digital Humanties

Digital Humanities Center (DHC)

The Digital Humanities Center (DHC) was established in 2020 and is located at the University Library of Bochum. As a strong project partner, it supports the implementation of DH projects and guarantees the long-term availability and visibility of the project outcomes. The Center encourages the integration of information technology into the humanities and provides relevant research tools. Furthermore, the DHC connects researchers by organizing workshops and conferences such as the DH Day.

DHC Team

Working in an interdisciplinary team of humanities scholars and computer scientists, the DHC Team provides support for the implementation of computer-aided methods and the digital modelling of humanities research. On the technical side, the DHC is supported by the Digital Library at UB Bochum. For further information on what we do, feel free to contact the DHC or reach out to us personally.

If you would like the DHC to support your project, please make sure to read the best practice guidelines for cooperation with the DHC.

RUB DHC team member: Sonja Rosenberger, M.A., M.A. LIS Sonja Rosenberger, M.A., M.A. LIS

Sonja Rosenberger coordinates the DHC. As coordinator, she helps to determine the needs and demands for DH on campus, organizes events and promotes the networking of RUB’s digital humanists.

(currently not on duty)

RUB DHC team member: Diego Siqueira, MSc Ing.-Inf. Diego Siqueira, MSc Ing.-Inf.

Diego Siqueira works as an acting Coordinator / DH Consultant for the DHC. In close proximity to Research Software Engineering, he provides advice on DH methods and tools, coordinates and monitors DH projects, and supports the DH community on campus.


RUB DHC team member: Olaf Berg, M.A. Olaf Berg, M.A.

Olaf Berg studied History, Computer Science, Media Culture and Latin American Studies in Hamburg and México. His interests are XML based publishing, datamodelling and audiovisuals in history research. Since 01.10.2022 he supports the DHC as a member of the project “Late Ottoman Palestinians: Social and Cultural Dynamics in an Eastern Mediterranean Society during the Age of Empire” (LOOP) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Johann Büssow at the Seminar for Oriental and Islamic Studies.

RUB DHC team member: Johanna Wrede, B.A. Johanna Wrede, B.A.

Johanna Wrede supports the DHC as a student research assistant. After a bachelor’s degree in English Studies and Computational Linguistics, she aims to combine the fields of both computational linguistics and sociolinguistics in her master’s. Studying VAMoS/Computational Linguistics (Ruhr-University Bochum) and English Linguistics (University of Duisburg-Essen) for a master’s degree, she is particularly interested in language attitudes, ideologies, and norms.

RUB DHC team member: Sergey Stekanov, MSc., M.A. LIS Sergey Stekanov, MSc., M.A. LIS

Sergey Stekanov is scientific information manager at the DHC. Through his work in training, events, science communication, PR and social media, he promotes the visibility of the DHC and its activities in the DH community at the Ruhr University.

RUB DHC team member: Vera Hochmann, B.A. Vera Hochmann, B.A.

Vera Hochmann is a research assistant at the DHC. After her bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), she is focusing on transgender and masculinity research during her master’s degree in International Gender Studies (Ruhr-Universität Bochum). She is particularly interested in the application of digital methods.

RUB DHC team member: Karol Przybilla, B.A. Karol Przybilla, B.A.

Karol Przybilla is studying History and Social Science in the master’s program at the Ruhr University in Bochum and previously graduated in Computer Sciences at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences in Iserlohn. His primary areas of interest are European History of the 20th century, as well as colonialism. As a student research assistant, he works both at the DHC as well as the Research Data Management Working Group (AG FDM).

RUB DHC team member: Eva-Maria Wenger, B.A.
Eva-Maria Wenger, B.A.

Eva-Maria Wenger works as a student research assistant at the DHC. She completed her bachelor’s degree in German Studies and Applied Philosophy at Universität Duisburg-Essen. Now she’s studying the master Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Ruhr-Universität Bochum, whereby she prefers to conduct interdisciplinary research between German medieval studies, history and art history.